Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Moved to a new flat

Hello everyone back at home, whom we both miss very much, things have been really busy for us the last couple of weeks, as you all know we have moved into a new flat. I would say that it is 3 times the size or more of our last flat. It's nice and quiet over here. We do have neighbors but they are pretty quiet so far. If I have any spare time I could go out and work in the yard but I have no time, and thanks to Elder Sparh I really don't need to for a while, he has planted flowers and has taken care of it so well I just hope that I can do it justice, President Baregava has planted a garden for his use and it is wonderful also. He comes by and makes sure that everything is watered and helps with the yard work, for me I could be cleaning all day long on P-day but it will not happen because, I really would rather go out and walk the golf course with Elder Davis, and just pick up once in a while and clean once in a while when it looks like it could use it, with only the two of us it doesn't get too dirty. Elder Davis has been raised very well and picks up after himself and I have also so we pick up and work together. It's a safe place, we have bars on all the windows a huge wall all around us and an electric fence, we couldn't be safer.Things here the last couple of days have been really cold, we went from 101 one day then down to about 65 the next 3 days. And the wind has been really blowing, we have been sleeping with our electric blanket on the last 2 nights. But it is going to get warmer and we will have to live with it.  And we finally  did see rain the other day it was nice. The trees are so beautiful in the spring when they flower, and it's funny all the trees do not loose there leaves, just some do. Well I will be going now I have to get some dinner for us, we Love you all and miss everyone, come and see us if you can we have plenty of room. HUGS and KISSES DAVIS'
 Some of the flowers on the trees, they are just beautiful!!!

 Our last district meeting the Elders feed us chicken feet and intestines, really not any of the girls had any to eat. they just wanted pictures to send
 The new flat front entry 
and yes a one car garage, it's good we have only one car!!
                                   On the left side is a servants quarters 2 rooms and a bathroom
                                                Living room or gathering place for us all
                                                   Laundry room / wash dishes            
Master bedroom and Bath

Guest Bath and Bedroom

While we were cleaning we saw this toad (frog) and he is the color of the rod iron. THEN
 Elder Fleming playing with the Frog (toad)
He was put on the sisters car and turned white
The wonderful crew who help us move in Thanks to them all we Love them...


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  1. Looks comfortable! So fun to hear of your adventures. I think about you every day & pray for you both! God bless.