Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Not enough time in the day

Hello Everyone,  We have been very surprised that winter has come and gone and we hardly noticed as it felt much like late spring and summer in Utah. The past couple weeks have been hot and dry as the temps are between 95 and 100 degrees. We are wondering how survival will be when it gets to summer here. For the first time in the 5 months we have stayed in Africa, mosquitoes are starting to hassle us, yuck! Well, 60 years of age and 40 years together have happened here in Botswana as we planned. No one to heckle us and make it tough to accept. Most of the couples, other than our Mission Pres and wife are older than we are, so they have already been there. We actually celebrated a little as we traveled to Gaborone to say goodbye to our couple friends from Malad Idaho, and stayed an extra day for our anniversary. Just prior to leaving Francistown we had a tough few days as one of the newest converts we know died unexpectedly in his sleep. Our two zone leaders were really close to him and family and were counted on to deal with all the after shocks. Sister Davis and I and the zone leaders were the helpers to care for the body and support the family on that day. It was the 16th of September and easy for me to remember. With just one couple here in three branches  we will be spread a bit thin and really struggle to cover all the bases. Our young missionaries are tremendous and really know how to teach with strength and the spirit to all the investigators and new converts. There is a huge opportunity for any of you who would like to accept the challenge and volunteer for this mission. If we can do it, any of you could too. Thanks to all of you who email or write or text as the news and contact with home is wonderful and uplifting. Our ipads have been the best thing we could have to keep in touch with family and friends, although most of the work is done with our laptop and printer, copier, fax and scanner. It is brand new and broke down a couple weeks ago and we are getting way behind. Hopefully the dealer will either get it repaired or replace it by the end of this week. We love all of you back home and pray for your lives to be full of joy and prosperity and peace. Thanks for being our support as we feel it all the time. Love Elder and Sister Davis  
 Baptism days are great, these two cute girls are part of our family home evening in the Monarch group.
Brother Edward Moyo started attending church with his nephew right after we arrived here. These two great missionaries got him ready for baptism. Unfortunately he passed away on Sunday night after this great day. Elder Fleming (nephew to Paul Willey) and Elder Mabuza were amazing in this hour of need for the family. Brother Edward was just 46.

 You may recognize little Janet Fani from earlier pictures! Although these girls change their hair often. Mission call to the Ghana Cape Coast mission. First ever Sister Missionary from Francistown.
 We pass this each trip to Gaborone and finally stopped to add to our photo gallery. Read about it on google!
Days were spent packing all the souvenirs and yet at the airport things were unpacked and repacked again for the Spahrs. They are awesome and we will surely miss them here. 

 A really cool place for lunch in Gabs after we sent the Spahrs, Sister Davis could have spent hours here. It is a huge nursery, and has dozens of monkeys flying through these big trees.
The YM/YW from Monarch on a Saturday hike and then games, lesson and cleaning at the chapel.


  1. It was great to receive your message and see the photos of wonderful and challenging things. We are quite certain that each day you have worn yourselves out in service to the awesome people in Botswana. May you be continually blessed for your service. Each of us have various challenges depending on where we are in the world. Keep up the good work. We pray for missionaries all over the world each day that our Heavenly Father's greatest blessings will be given. Love from us Down Under, well uh, Over from you.

  2. Thank you for the wonderful pictures of the mission field in Botswana and especially of Elder Scott Fleming at Edward's baptism. That experience was a real tender and "growing" one for him and for his companion, Elder Mabuza. It will be one he will always remember. It is difficult to see someone pass away that you care so much about. It provides an opportunity to appreciate the entire plan our Heavenly Father has created for His children. I am so very grateful that there are couples like yourselves who are there and willing to serve, teach and assist these young elders in spreading the gospel. You and all the missionaries are in our prayers each day.