Sunday, September 8, 2013

Hello from Bots!!

Dumela Friends, That may be one of the only words we will learn in Setswana while we're here in Botswana. If we had our way all the members and those we associate with would only speak English while around us. Occasionally we need to gently remind them its bad manners to say things we can't understand. Ha Ha! Not even sure the last blog we entered as our time is just consumed with this and that every single day. By the way, if you receive this blog and do dot want to anymore, please kindly send a short "remove" message to this email address and we will surely remove you from our computer generated list of recipients. By the same token, if you have heard of friends or family who we have left off the list and they would like to be entertained by, or relate to our boring life, please ask them to send their email address to After receiving four new green missionaries to this Zone and we being the only Senior couple to be here for a while, all of a sudden the responsibility of preparing them and all the documents for immigration fell upon us! Yikes! The golden boy (Joseph) of African affairs who we have had help in the past, decided to leave the Church employment and "hang up his own shingle" right when we needed him to train us. On Tuesday this week, our papers will be ready for the first attempt at keeping these youngsters in Botswana for their mission. Please pray for us (again). We found out how good we had things in the first couple months here, as there were three MLS couple here for three branches. Now it will be just us soon, and these groups all need training, love, organization and support in every aspect of maintaining leadership. I guess we should have known that our weaknesses would surely show as missionaries in a foreign land. ie: never been a clerk, weak on computer, compassionate service daily, building maintenance, auditor, running a bakery, office equipment specialist and the list goes on and on. All of this is really challenging but also very rewarding as we realize that 98 percent of the members here are first generation church members and they are learning at a fast pace too. We have been really fortunate to hear from our family at home often and most everyone is doing great. (Unless they lie to us for our peace of mind sake). Our internet has been somewhat consistent of late and news and events from home and the US have kept us informed and entertained a little. We have found a private game ranch within an hour of here and visit it once in a while. Our mission President has given permission for the Zone to have an activity there also. It gives these new missionaries the chance to actually see African animals (kind of) in the wild. We will include a few pictures too. May Heavenly Father continue to bless each of you according to your needs and faithfulness. Love Elder and Sister Davis
This is Hassan, he is so cool. Investigated the church for seven years as his wife was so patient. They own a business and have a nice home and cars. His family is a huge asset to this branch.

 This is a sight we see 200 times a day. From infant to toddler, this is how they are carried, and moms walk many miles daily.
Our little neighbor buddy Tinayah. He got some shades so he could be cool like Elder Davis!!!

 You have heard of scripture chase? How about when they are tied to chickens legs? Good Zone meeting activity!!!!
These were the losers in the competition and sent to spirit prison!

 These are the first two youngsters baptized here since we arrived 4 months ago. Glad sister Davis found some youth jumpsuits at Joburg in June.

We found all these guys at Tantebane, just 55 kilometers from us. The Gemsbok and the Zebras and the Kudu were too fast for my camera.

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  1. Thanks for the great photos of people and animals. And for sharing the Zone Activity. We showed it to the Assistants here and they loved it. We hope things will get better as you work on papers for missionaries. We have learned that it's a tedious process. We love you and pray for your success and well being among those wonderful people. From Elder and Sister Feil, Down Under in Australia, just a few thousand miles away from you.