Saturday, August 24, 2013


Greetings all, Missionary transfers are interesting times for these young Elders and Sisters, and this time we received 6 new missionaries of our 14. Three of whom are brand new from the MTC in Joburg. Sister Lyon is an Aggie from Morgan Utah, Sister Scott is from Arkansas and Elder Stegelmeier is from Dayton Idaho and his dad woks at USU. He of course is only 18, but will be a great missionary even though he graduated at West Side High School. Ha Ha. Just a couple days after we get feeling like there is a handle on things, WOW, we get to learn how to take these guys through the immigration and residency process form start to finish. Our Baptisms have slowed a bit lately, but we did have one today that was really cool for a neat little family. These guys are way different for the branch as they are so well established here in business and with possessions. It will be a big boost for the branch as this young father has many contacts and friends in the community. His wife has been a member since she was four along with her family, and after seven years of investigating and two children, he has become a member and a strong one at that. This morning early we did Mormon Helping Hands projects in two areas at the same time. One was planting small seedlings and a garden for an orphanage and the other a yard and playground area clean up for a secondary school. We had about 45 members and missionaries total to do both projects and it turned into great successes. Sister Davis and I were running today to keep up with the work in the schoolyard, refreshments for everyone, preparing the courtyard, chapel and outdoor baptismal font before 3 pm! You know what is said about being busy: "miracles happen when you are on the run". Something I have said: "you are tired and sleep well after a day like this". We really are continually blessed with opportunities to be part of these great peoples lives and share in the growth of the church and the strengthening of the their testimonies here in Botswana. It is a challenge at times as most of these folks are so young in the gospel and many of them have had missionaries in their path for a long time and can compare how we do with the last group! We sure do feel the Love from each of you at home and thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers in our behalf. We hope and pray all your lives are being guided by our Lord and Savior and that his atonement is blessing each of you. Till next time. Elder and Sister Davis
This little guy and his buddy sit outside our kitchen window and watch Sister Davis do dishes each day.

 Our Zone less the seniors. Six new to our area.

 These Botswana women are hard workers. This is our Relief Society Pres Lorato Monageng at our Helping Hands project. The Monarch crew at the secondary school where many of them went as youngsters. The hut behind is a traditional sauna. This is where you go get cool!
 Bro Hassam investigated the church for seven years as his wife was very patient and loving. He will make a difference here.
We have spoken of our friend Joseph Mokoena who is the area Government Relations Specialist for the church. He has clout!

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