Sunday, August 11, 2013

big weekend


It is Sunday night and we have just returned from taking our mission Pres and his wife and Elder and Sister Renlund of the first Quorum of The Seventy, our area President to the airport. They have spent the last two days here with us in Francistown doing a mission tour and zone meeting, visits to homes of members and investigators, doing all sorts of blessings and interviews for priesthood leadership, temple recommends, some counseling and many more visits with we missionaries and people in our areas. It has really been awesome as this is the first time for them to come here and they are in their fifth year in Southeast Africa. Just like everyone else we have met here on missions, we have much in common and many mutual friends. They really have blessed the lives of our members as we have had a total area conference and their messages of encouragement were so well received. The senior couples and the branch leaders really put on the extra effort and time as to facilitate the whole weekend of events. As you would know, many good meals were provided by Sisters Davis and Spahr throughout these days. Last Monday as well as tomorrow we will be visiting the little golf course close by. It gives us a chance to walk and get in the sun and relax a bit on our day off. I have yet to get Sister Davis to swing the clubs, but I am playing nine holes and plan to keep it up each week if possible. No one else will be there on a Monday but the owner just leaves a set of clubs out and I put 100 pula in his lock box and away we go, just the two of us, along with a few monkeys some Impala and waterfowl. The course is near the sewage treatment facility and Sister Davis keep a clothes pin on her nose. We have has extremely heavy hearts the past few days as we learned of the tragedy at home in our old neighborhood. The Hinton's are enduring the huge loss of their son David and we feel their pain all the way to Africa. May God bless them with comfort and peace is our prayer everyday. Some pictures will follow and you can get a little better feel for our great adventure and awesome calling here in Botwana. Our love to all of you who read this blog and thanks for your prayers in our behalf. Love The Davis's     PS. We are now on filtered or bottled water for the whole mission. We have had a couple sick missionaries and not sure if its the water or not but the leaders want to take every precaution. Mary and I drink a lot and it has been almost all bottled.
 This is some of the competition here in Botswana. These groups are in several spots each Sunday.
 These guys make a bunch of noise and chase Mary as she walks the golf course
 The little course is called Pomegranite. After house cleaning and laundry we will go today.
 We painted prayer rocks at family home evening and Gasetsiwe (scarf) gave the lesson. She was baptized 2 months ago. She did great!
 Our next two missionaries!
Teaching in a home 35k outside town and trying new things. Yes they are dehydrated caterpillar type worms. A very popular treat here. They don't go bad over time.

 Sister Dema speaks no English but loves the gospel and was in our temple trip in June for her endowment and patriarchal blessing too.

 Our Branch Prsident Miros Baregava and primary President Boitumelo Bakoko at our conference meeting with Elder Renlund
 The Renlunds shook everyone's hand and had many pictures with our members.

We finally got a picture as they were ready to fly to Gaborone for continuation of the mission tour. It was two great days for missionaries and Saints here in Francistown.

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