Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Last week in July

Greetings all from this far away place. It has been like 2 weeks since our entry to the blog and wow how the time flies when you're busy. Our learning curve is still so steep and involves so many  aspects of the branches, the individual members needs, the negotiating through government relations, missionary living quarters and automobiles to the assessment of three separate houses where we meet and turn into chapels and meeting rooms, which are really in quite rough shape even for Botswana. Today we spent from daylight till dark going with the Facilities Maintenance people from South Africa to the meeting houses and trying to convince them of things that need to be upgraded for LDS church houses. Several hours were spent installing a new computer system that had been ordered one year ago, and once some decisions were made, then the leg work and follow up will need to be done by yours truly after all. As you know we arrived here and started dividing responsibilities with three couples and today we learned that the Spahrs will need to begin preparing to come home due to the declining health of Elder Spahr, whom you have seen pictures of. It is really for the best as Sister Spahr has done all the driving and dealing with money and virtually everything without much help. It has been several months since he has been able to contribute to Priesthood leadership and we know that his family needs to have him home to enjoy before his dementia worsens. It will be hard to lose them now but they have done a wonderful job for about 10 months and have no reason to feel badly. There is a great opportunity for couples here to serve (hint hint) some of you know who we are aiming at. Our mission President and wife were here again this weekend for a great Branch Conference which came off really good at the Francistown Civic Center and in just two weeks we will host Elder Renlund of the Seventy here for a mission tour and another total branch meeting at the same hall. Our members really responded to the spirit of these opportunities to share the gospel with their friends and neighbors and be beacon of light to others. We have been encouraged to invite those from our circle of friends and family to inquire about the Botwana/Namibia region as possible missionaries and let the leadership know here. Of course some of the  most rewarding times are the spontaneous moments in public or with investigators that the missionaries come in contact with and they really are interested and seriously study with us. Our young Elders and Sisters are hard working and dedicated to their time management and resources to bring the message of the Savior and the restoration in these last days. Its hard to believe the energy and conviction in which they exhibit every single day with very little down time or discouragement showing. A real example to we Seniors. We send our love to all of you as we have had some fun seeing our family make big choices and have family time together in the hot summer of the western US. Love Elder and Sister Davis aka Charlie and Mary
 The zone loaded up the Abrahams early morning and off to Mafikeng they moved.
 Kabo opened his mission call to Sierra Leone Freetown at FHE on Monday eve.
 Branch Conference morning with Peggy and one of her wigs!
 Approx 200 members attended conference at the F town civic center
 Hanging with some of the Sisters and members after conference.
Our two little buddies causing trouble after sitting 2 hours.

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  1. We love reading about your work there. There are differences between there and Australia. We appreciate the photos and descriptions of the people and places. Praying for you and the missionary work there. Hugs from the Feils Down Under.