Thursday, July 18, 2013

Home alone while Elder Davis is at another meeting.

It happens a lot around the evenings that Elder Davis is at meetings doing some training and I am here with not much to do, I have done all I need to so I decided to write a short note to everyone. Things around here are pretty nice for Elder Davis and I. We do live in a pretty nice place, then you go outside the gate and it hits you that you are not in cache valley anymore. The conditions that the people live in are pretty bad, their home will consist of a one room cement floor with a bed in it and a small dresser on the other side of the room, then on the other part of the wall they will have a 2 burner stove or a cabinet, with a very small amount of food. Or they will have a place outside to cook there dinner on. It is getting cold now and they have no heat in the houses. They come to church all bundled up. Hats, coats, gloves and some even bring their blankets. We do have heat in the chapel and it's nice for them at church, but your sad for them on other days.( Now I know why they never stay in their homes they come outside to sit in the sun.) They are all so happy, they love to say Hello Sister Davis, because they can read my name tag, every store you go into, some times you forget you have your badge on and you think that it is someone you should know from your branch, but no just friendly people.
Our first Branch Conference is coming up next week. (since we have been here) and we have to rent a place big enough for all 3 groups, it is a challenge, we found a place downtown, it's a civic center. Looks good on the outside but it's really bad on the inside. We have to take all the chairs from our church houses, and the sound system and the podium. It's going to be a very busy Sunday morning. We need some help anyone want to fly over for the weekend?
Well here are a few more pictures for all to see, I am not really good at writing but I love to send pictures
 We see these cute donkey carts over in Gerald, and along the highway on our way to Gaborone
 One of the Elders car was stalled in this families yard and while Elder Davis was fixing it, the children all wanted me to take pictures of them. I wanted to give them some gum but I didn't have enough pieces to go around. Now I carry lots.
This is our Meeting house

Chris this picture is for you, we saw it at our shopping center where we buy our groceries

 On our way to Kasane  just on the side of the road, It was just too cool

Looks like a bunch of rocks, but they are Hippos all close together in the mud.

Some of our cute family seeing us off at the airport almost 3 months ago. 
. Love you all Sister Davis

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