Sunday, July 14, 2013

Another great week

Dear Friends and Family, We began this week rushing two Sisters and one Elder to the airport and the border respectively so they could leave the country before they were illegal. The Sisters are hanging out in Joburg with our past mission Presidents wife as they do not even use Sisters in South Africa. The Elder was transferred to Mafukeng S A which is still in our mission but across the border. Tomorrow by 8:00 am the Abraham couple will be loaded in a car and a little pickup to move permanently to Mafukeng also and spend the rest of their mission there. We are having some great success here by way of reactivation of members and some new converts too, and it is all because of a great unified effort of the missionaries and the members. It seems that the brethren have motivated us to teach the members of their conversion and need to be self reliant. Sister Davis and I spoke on these subjects today in a Sacrament meeting. We had a great activity yesterday as a member who was baptized in November is the young mens pres in our little tiny group in Monarch. He organized and recruited hard to the members and non alike and got 30 young people to this event. He used the missionaries for game ideas and we watched The Testament too. He had Sister Davis and I bring the makings of a small lunch and treats and it was a terrific success, with several non member referrals and contacts made. New friendships started and all of this was at our chapel inside and outdoors. The past three days our mission Pres and his wife have been here with us and stay at the house where the other couple live. They will be able to do this more often as we represent about one third of their missionaries. Sister Davis prepared two majors meals for them and others and we all went on exchanges with the young missionaries and they learned all about our area and the members too. They were able to speak at two Sacrament meetings as they hurried back from one to follow us at the other. These are great folks and will be very easy to associate with and have a great mutual sharing of ideas and inspiration for this great work in Botswana. All of the extra behind the scenes work we all will have to do is really worth it when we see the new baptisms and the members respond to the spirit. This week will be another start up of many new challenges for us as we lose another great senior couple from our midst. We have seen and heard of a lot of fun and hot times back home through the 4th of July time, and some of it makes us homesick. Thanks for the great emails and pictures and please keep them coming. We love all of you and tell you that this is a great work and is something all our friends can do. Love Elder and Sister Davis
 This is the home of President and Sister Wilson. Its very nice. It is located in Gaborone.
 Backyard pool and over looking the golf course.

Playing some games at the church for our youth activity (musical chairs) it was fun!!!

 Sister Wilson and I are making some yummy sandwiches, egg bologna yum. (The President and his wife were visiting for the week-end so she came to the party)
 Having a race with eggs on a spoon, not as easy as it looks, they loved it.
We had some balloons left over from one of the games so we filled it with water and hug it from a tree, like a piñata 'they kind of got carried away with swinging the stick, but what a lot of fun they had.

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  1. Elder and Sister Davis,
    I am just catching up on your wonderful blog. I love the pictures and all of the detail. Sounds like this is such a great mission experience. I am still envious and am happy to know that my look alike has been there and that you remembered me! That possibly will be as close as I can get! I think of you often and continue to wish you the very best. Lots of love to you both. Thank you so much for sharing!