Saturday, July 6, 2013

News from Mary

This week has been a good week, we met the new mission President and his wife President and Sister Wilson, they are very awesome people. Of course Elder Davis knows some of his cousins up in Cache Valley, they are the Elders. He is a first cousin to them, don't know all the names but I did catch the last name. They have a wonderful home right on a beautiful golf course and Elder Davis wants to spend more time up there because he is really wanting to golf on the course, but I don't think that the President golfs. So it won't do much good, but I bet Charlie will golf on it sometime.
We also have some bad news. Not all the Missionaries are getting residency here in Botswana and they have to leave. One of the senior couples Elder and Sister Abraham have been here for 6 months. They have been told they can not get another extension and they need to be out by the 15th of July. And some of the Elders and Sisters also. We are hoping they can get things  worked out with government before our date comes up. We have only one month left, and if they don't we hope to get an extension to stay, we are not to worried yet but it is getting close. We love it here the people are just so great to be around, and we have mad a lot of new friends. A member from South Africa is coming to visit with the government this week and try to explain the purpose we are here, and that we do not take jobs away from the people. Lets hope that it works, or who knows what will happen. This is a new Mission as of this week, and I am sure the Lord will make things happen. Satan is strong but we have power to crush his head right.
We had a soccer game on Monday because it was Presidents Day here. We had a wounded player I am the nurse.
After the game we had some oranges to give to the players, we had some left over and you would not believe all the kids that came around to have one. It was sad that we did not have enough for everyone.

This is the place where we stay in Gabs. Its really nice and we enjoy the little get away. Even if it for Zone Conference.

These are the cakes we made for our 4th of July dinner

Hope everyone is doing well at home and has had a great 4th of July. Our celebration was not as exciting as yours, we had no fireworks and no sparklers, but we did have a good 4th of July lunch with all the zone. Sloppy joes, potato salad, veggies with homemade ranch dip (you can not get ranch dip here) jello and a good cake made by Sister Davis and Sister Abraham.
It was fun. We miss you all. And we understand that it is very hot in Utah, so stay in the water at Bear Lake, or pool, or air-conditioning. Love you all Elder and Sister Davis
 The Missionaries from Francistown. Great bunch of Elders and Sisters and at the bottom is the New Botswana Mission Zone


  1. It is interesting that we struggle with visas here too. Satan is using this as a tool to stop the work, but we just keep on plugging away and fasting and praying that all will get to their missions! We are thinking and praying for you too, and enjoying sharing your pictures. Missionaries and sports accidents seem to just go hand in hand. Way to go nurse Mary. How many missionaries are there in the whole mission? And how many couples are there? We love learning about other missions and watching the work mover forward everywhere in the world.

  2. Mary,
    I found your blog on the internet and am so happy to see pictures of my son, Elder Scott Fleming, there in your mission!! Your blog helps me get a better feel for the life there in Bots for the members and the missionaries. Scott emails each week but doesn't include a lot of details about the area. He loves the people and loves serving the Lord. He was thrilled to be sent to the new mission when it was divided from the Joburg Mission. Thank you for being there and playing nurse when needed. You are an answer to a missionary mom's prayers. I know that you are from Cache Valley and wonder if you happen to know Scott's aunt and uncle, Kim and Paul Willie? What an exciting mission you are on. How long have you been there and when do you return home? Thank you again for the wonderful pictures.
    Shauna Fleming