Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Kalahari Report

Greetings from the country with a huge desert named Kalahari. We have not seen this place yet, but sure do plan for it sometime while we are here. If you look it up on google or something, you will find that much of it is in Botswana and some is in in Namibia. Our mission includes all of Namibia and the church is doing well there in spite of the fact that all young missionaries have gone home from there and only a senior couple serves in the entire country. The area really beckons for us to visit as there is a great coastline on the west and much great countryside to see. Our work here is being greatly blessed with many opportunities to associate with some wonderful members of the church and we are especially treated with blessings when we go with the young Elders and Sisters to visit the homes of investigators. Just this evening we went to the Gerald area to teach the plan of salvation to a great couple with two beautiful little girls. Elders Purnell and Banovich did a superb job of teaching and have a remarkable relationship with this family who came to church for the first time two weeks ago. This man lived in the US for 10 years and make documentary films here in Botwana. He was raised in England after being born in Botswana with a native mom and an English dad. His wife is a gorgeous Botswana girl who is a past national champion 100 meter sprinter. They are going to be a celestial family within a year as they committed to baptism tonight before we left. Sister Davis and I also met with the area FM group director from South Africa today and visited all three of our meeting houses to do the quarterly inspections and install a new organ/piano at one and get our copies of the general conference DVD's for the groups to view this weekend. We senior couples have viewed most of conference and have been so touched by the messages and testimonies shared, we just cant wait for our members to see also. It has been so fun to see some of the activities at home on Instagram and through facetime and Skype. We are really blessed as our family is doing so well in the western states and Cache Valley. As of late the news gets to us very fast and we really enjoy every single picture and comment and bits of news we get. Thanks to those of you who have sent packages and cards and letters too, they are really fun and include some things we cannot get here. Our two newest Elders are both from Utah and are just 18, Elders Banovich from Farmington and Elder Henley from Alpine are adjusting well and being trained by great guys. We get to know these guys pretty well because its our job to do all their residency applications and take them to see the country officials to apply. They get to spend some time in our home to prepare all the documents and I think they feel comfortable around us. (kinda like grandpa and grandma) Looks like it hunting season and Halloween time there, which is one holiday that is not celebrated in Africa. Until next time. Love Elder and Sister Davis
 Saturday morning and car wash day. Our friend named Gift comes to the house and today found three cars to do. Ours, the Clowards and a new Hyundai i20 in the garage for the sister missionaries.
 The Clowards are the new CES couple in Gabs. They are from Scofield Utah

 We can get up close and personal with the Giraffes sometimes!

 These four girls just run and leap into Sister Davis arms each time we drive into the Gerald chapel. Their family lets them attend church but none of the family are membersWe are watching these guys build a house next door. They build the trusses on top the walls with hand saw and hammer with nails.

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  1. So inspiring to see the great work you are doing. We do miss not being part of teaching but we make sure the temporal affairs are taken care of. Each mission is unique! Love the pictures of the animals - You guys can sell the pictures to National Geographic! The gospel is true all over the world.
    Love, the Feils Down Under