Monday, November 4, 2013

another move????

Hi there,

As most of you know, this past week was one of those that had the highest high and the lowest low for we as missionaries. As we were out a ways from town at the setting apart for our new daughter who was leaving for her mission to the Ghana Cape Coast, our nice home and all of our belongings were ransacked and lots of valuable things stolen. After a few days of reflection and contemplation and no sleep, we have decided to move back into town into a smaller flat that is in a contained compound. We also have thanked the Lord for not being in the house while the thieves came. It was only because the kombi she was riding in back to her home that we were much longer there and consequently arrived after the thieves had left. The house has high walls with electric fence and alarm. It also has padlocks on all gates, trelladoors and burglar bars everywhere. But, when they decide to come..........................they get in and they will most likely be back, as we have learned from friends here. It is strange here as the sun goes down and is always dark by 7:00 or earlier, even in summer which means most days we are out after dark and just cant take the chance of this again. We will be able to concentrate our efforts on the mission work and the branches and missionaries without needing to maintain this big place. We had just enjoyed a zone conference at the house as the mission Pres and his wife come from Gabs and stayed on the weekend before. And on just the night before we had 8 missionaries from Gabs stay overnight on the way to Kasane for the measles immunization campaign which the church is co-sponsoring in all of Botswana. Tomorrow here in Francistown the 16 of us will join forces with the members who volunteer to take flyers to the whole population as a notice of the free 5 day immunization program at all the clinics and hospitals in the country. Tonight, as we speak on P-day, our young Elders and Sisters are in the back of this yard having a fire and cooking tinfoil dinners and having Smores and drinks and lots of laughs. These things we will miss of course as we turn this house back to the owners and end the lease. Funny how things work out; when we first arrived here in May it was made known to us through the mission in Joburg that the church was trying to move away from these big houses and Sister Davis and I would be helping that goal to be accomplished. Well, this is the last one in Botswana now. Janet, our little missionary, who we have helped all the way through her application process and preparation, flew to Ghana on Friday and in two weeks our new son Kabo will make the same trip on his way to Sierra Leone. In a future blog we will do some pictures and update you all but as for now we are abit limited with computer as all of ours were stolen. Have a great week. Love Elder and Sister Davis


  1. Glad to hear things are working out for you. We have been praying for you. FYI

  2. Glad you are safe. We have to always be aware of Gadianton Robbers in every country and be as Mormon and Moroni - always fortifying ourselves against evil. You are doing just that and we pray for your continued safety as you move the work forward. Onward and Upward! Elder and Sister Feil.