Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20 may 2013

Dear Family and Friends, The last couple weeks have been a real adventure and a test of Sister Davis patience with her impatient husband. Everything is so new and different to us it is impossible to explain. you will just have too see all this for yourselves. we have had very little contact with the rest of the world and our internet setup is just now coming together. We are at a wifi hotspot in Francistown today in order to post this. The church has been in this area for about five years and is well established with one branch and two other groups that all meet separate and really struggle to maintain activity and much leadership. We missionaries handle all the money and the building upkeep and the bulk of the teaching, along with the investigator teaching and member inactivity focus. We have some awesome young Elders and Sisters who love these people and spend all their time with many of them at their homes. We also have several great members in each group that carry the load and represent the church to all the community and villages in the area. You would know that all our members and all the folks here are black and extremely poor. They are so warm and receptive to all of us that we find ourselves feeling so unbelievably blessed and wondering how we deserve to have been born and live in the great conditions that we do. We had a full week in between our work with the members and the missionaries to get into a flat and get it clean and liveable for us. We pray this first note from far away gets to you. Love Elder and Sister Davis

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