Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hello Family and Friends, We are having many great trials and adventures not the least to be getting any consistent Internet so we can blog. Sister Davis has shown much patience with an impatient Elder by her side all the time. Ha Ha! Our assignments are many and varied as we attempt to be support to the 14 young missionaries here and to give direction and some added leadership to three small groups of saints which comprise one branch. The people are so spread out and only a couple in each group have cars that we must meet in three places at once. Only one branch president exists and the others are group leaders and counselors. The area has about 120,000 people and most walk everywhere on every single day of the week. Yet at rush our there are cars everywhere and traffic stops on the main roads and in the city of Francistown. We will eventually get pictures out that depict our tiny little flat and other landmarks. If you haven't already done so, be sure to look up Kasane Botswana on Lds. Org. We will be going there next week and probably every 6 weeks or so to give support and training to those great saints. There are several articles and video about Kasane and the church. We love of all and want you to know that we are simply going 90 per everyday at this point. Please pray for the missionaries and the folk here in Botswana. Elder and Sister Davis

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