Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Some pictures of last week

The first picture is of our hike up the mountain, it was fun but they took us up the back side and I did fall on the rocks. Now Dad and I try to climb the mountain everyday but up the trail.
Next is the picture of our flat, small but its nice, not as large as the Townhouse at home.
Then we have a picture of the view from the top of the mountain over looking where we live.
Oh and of course I have to look for flowers to plant a pot outside of my flat so I feel a little bit at home. Then one night out by the church there was a full moon so we had our missionary Elders take a picture, and then the little girls parents were baptized on Saturday, and they wanted to stay by me all the time. Makes me really miss the grandkids. Hope you all enjoy our fun, we do miss you all and it's really warm here for fall, I don't know what we will do in the summer (next November) I think we will both be ringing wet all the time. Love Mary, Mom and Grandma, (next post I hope to show you all some animals.)

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