Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hello everyone from Africa, as you can see we did figure the pictures finally. We should tell you about them: A couple of them are the only day we spent in Joburg before flying to Botswana. We were at the mtc with the mission Pres wife who is an absolute twin to Connie Poulsen in every aspect of appearance and personality and even her voice. It so surreal. A couple at the temple grounds where we went late evening and we had serious jet lag. We were met at the airport by the 2 couples who we are serving with here in Francistown the Spahrs from Malad Idaho and the Abrahams from St George. This picture was taken by Gordon and Stephanie Low from Providence as they were in Botswana for 9 weeks on assignment teaching in the courts. We all have to get residency here in Botswana so we must spend hours at immigration and many pula ($) plus every kind of stamped and authorized document you can think of including our marriage license and all kinds of signed and authorized signatures by church leaders etc. So we took that picture by the sign to the immigration office. Sister Davis is with a darling girl named Janet who is part of our family home evening group and is in her final stages of paperwork and qualifications for a mission. We older couples shepherd each of the kids getting ready and fill in for no parents to help them get all their papers submitted. If you were to ask for perfect weather at 45 at night and 80's in the daytime with clear blue skies and very little wind then you would be here. We do know there will be more extremes but as for now it is awesome. How about that full moon we have now. Early morning gives us a beautiful red sunrise and a full moon setting at the same time. We are so humbled by the meager dwellings and the so little of possessions these folks have that we find ourselves being shocked on a daily basis as we enter their homes and become their friends. Today we sent 5 of our eight elders to Joburg for transfers and we had already made great friends with a couple of them that will last forever. During the past couple days we have had 3 of the 5 little Chevy Aveos they drive die or have starting and running problems. Charlie and with help from Mary works on the cars or gets them to a service shop to keep them running on these rough and dusty roads. We had to put a couple back together with bailing wire and black electricians tape along with make shift spare tires to conquer the trip that is 10 hours each way. I have actually made fast friends with the service director at the GM dealer and can get a lot done because of my savvy in the car biz. I work him over pretty good for all the warranty jobs and discounts for the benefit of the church that I can. We heard from the guys who drove both down today that they made it there okay. I'm sure our prayers were answered and they were helped there with a much higher power because the work must go on. Thanks to all of you at home we can feel comfortable here knowing all is well and we feel your love and support. Keep the prayers coming for the people of Botswana. Love Elder and Sister Davis

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