Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pictures of the people in Botswana

 This is some of our Sister's giving a discussion. Sometimes they are without a car because its being serviced so Elder Davis and I will go and pick up the girls, we don't like them to be out alone in some of the areas, especially late at night. So all the girls have cars and need to be in by 8:00. And now that it is getting dark earlier, its not good for them to be out that late. but sometimes that's the way it is.
Some of the children playing in the street

 Wash day, they wash there clothes then hang them out on the fences to dry, these sisters just finished their wash.
 Women carry all kinds of things on there heads. Some have 2 baskets on top of each other on their heads then they have a baby tied on their backs and caring sacks in both hands, the are amazing.
The children love to have their pictures taken.

They will preform for you all day long

 More women carry big pieces of wood on top of their heads
Elder Davis and I are lucky to go once in a while with the sisters to help them teach, it is so much fun, we teach them outside, and as you can see we are sitting on cinderblocks.

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